Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun at Mudaliar kuppam boat house

Last sunday I had been to this boat house near mahabalipuram, an excellent place with backwaters from the Bay of Bengal. It is located 15 kms from mahabaliburam and approximately 1.5 hr drive from Chennai.

When my friend invited me to go to this place, at 1st I was a bit hesitant. And when I heard this place is full of water sports, I thought one really needs to be fit to get involved in such activites (the truth is, I dont know how to swim!!!). But actually I was totally wrong. All you need is a fun loving mind...!

A little bit about the gang... We were a group of 9 people. except for me, everyone else was really fit and they go on regular treks. I was the odd man out. but i did manage to have super awesome fun... :)

We started from Chennai Thiruvanmiyur at around 6am (getting up so early on a sunday morning - not at all easy!). 9 of us went in 3 cars. early morning drive on the ECR (east cost road) was a real treat. Myself, Sagar  and this really cool Mexican dude Poncho (Alphonso) went in the saame car. While we were on the move, Poncho taught us a little bit of (Spanish). We returned the favour by teaching him some 'really good words' in Tamil and Hindi.... en route we had a couple of pit stops.

We reached the place at around 7.30 ish, had a light breakfast and we were, all set to begin...
We were given Life jackets. To start with, all nine of us boarded a motor boat and headed to the ocean. It was a 30 minute boatride in the backwaters before we reached the ocean. And I must appreciate the scenic beauty of the place. The green coloured water, and trees on boths sides and most importantly the birds... there were 100s of them.

We went inside the ocean and spent nearly an hour in the cold water. After which we took a 'tender coconut break' for 15-20 mins. Now comes the best part... We hired a fishing boat (motor boat number 2 - courtesy - the local fishermen) and went inside the sea. after travelling for about 10-12 kms we halted at a place. all we could see was water, in all directions. I was a bit scared to jump into the sea, inspite of the fact that I was wearing the life jacket. many of my friends took a dive. And we did some fishing too...

when one of our gang members, Indra, found it difficult to make it back to the boat, I went for the rescue and saved her... (somebody pls nominate me for the 'red & white' bravery award)!!! I am pretty sure that the 8 people who came along will be laughing out loud on reading this... but atleast let the rest of the world think that I am a hero!

After almost 2 hrs we came back to the shore around 11am and we had another 'tender coconut break'. we now boarded the boat number 1 and headed back to the boat house.

the water scooters and the speed boats were waiting for us. All of us took the water scooter for a 10 min ride each. it was very interesting and enjoyable. It was like attending a personal interveiw after a group discussion :-) the scooter does a maximum speed of 70kmph, but since it's on water, you feel as if its going at 120kmph or something... The life guard who comes along with you on the scooter gives you maximum liberty in riding the scooter the way you want, since it's only in the backwaters and not in the ocean. the speed boat (3 people along with the driver) was also equally good. Poncho took a kayak and spent almost 1 hr rowing it around the place (man you need a lot of patience to go kayaking)

It was already 12.30 after all this. we came back to the car and we ordered some sea-food. Food was'nt all that great there... finally at around 2pm we all left the place and headed back to the city.

I was one memorable sunday!!! Would love to do this once in every 2 months...

for more details on this, drop in a comment. I shall reply to u!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Terminator Met Captain Vijayakanth...

Situation: Terminator (T) comes to Chennai on a mission to save the world. He originates near mylapore bus stand from a ball of lightning fire, and he's naked. The first person he sees is Captain Vijayakanth (V) (a Popular Tamil actor). he finds out that V's cloths matches his (T) specification.

Assume: Terminator understands Tamil (and Captain understands English)

the original scene (

Termintator (T): I want your Cloths, sunglasses, gun and motor cycle.

Captain Vijayakanth (V): uyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tamil nattuley enna pathu indha kelviya keta modhal aalu nee than da (you're the 1st person in tamil nadu to ask this question)

T some how manages to get cloths

V: tambi, yaaru da nee? (bro, who're u?)

T: I'm a cybernetic organism, a humanoid with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. sent back in time to save the world.

V: ada, namma aalu!!! naan kooda kitta thatta appadi than thambi (Oh really!!! u're like me then... I am also something like that only)

Terminator falls on the ground and starts laughing after hearing this

V: ennapa sirikirey? nee robot illey? eppppppadi? (your laughing? are'nt u a robot? how did u do that?)

T: for joke like this, does it really matter if you are a human or a Robot or anything else...

V: sari thambi, adha vidu... variya oru tea rendu masala vada saapidalam? (ok bro leave it. why dont u come with me and we'll have 1 tea and 2 vadas each?)

T: Negative!

V: innadhu? (wat?)

T: can't have tea or vada. I've not been programmed to eat all that. I can have burger or pizza or KFC...!

V: Tambi, Tamil nattule motha hotel galoda ennikka 5468, adhula burrrrrgurrrrrrrr kidaikura yadanga 1428, motha KFC outlettunga 9, namma area pakkathula irukkura burrrrrrrrrrgurrrrrrrrrrrrr jointunga 38... aaana idhula oru yadathula kood freeya yedhuvum thara maatangaley pa (captain quickly summarizes the details abt various hotels and burger joints in tamil nadu and also says that he does'nt have any money)

n hearing this T spits... then becomes normal after sometime! T takes out some money from his pocket and holds it in one hand showing it to captain. he offers another hand to captain and says...

T: "Come with me if you want to eat"

V: sooober appu! appadiye oru quarter vangi thaapa (thats nice, also buy me a quarter bottle of alcohol)

T: Negative! it is not mission priority! Hastala vista baby!!!

V: Aska lakadi gala gala baby!!!

The end of scene... to be continued!