Saturday, July 31, 2010

ENDHIRAN (Robot) Movie Plot - My guess

This is purely my imagination of what the plot of the movie would be. I am thinking so much about the movie these days, that i decided to write this...

ENDHIRAN STORY - My guess (this is based on the 1 min film trailer
and the songs which have been released) ----- RAJNIKANTH is a scientist,
a tech savvy, who has developed, with a lot of hard work, a very advanced
human android which has with a very high level of artificial intelligence
and a lot of other skills etc... (Issac Asimov style - something similar to
I-robot or Universal soldier)...

This robot, slowly starts adapting to the society and starts doing all
human activities only better than the humans. includes loving aishwarya
rai...! (Robot with emotions -bicentennial man style).
Santanam, the comedian is probably the Scientist's assistant  - this is
what happens in the 1st half of the movie

Now, from here, the film could go in 2 directions:
 1. Over the time, the Robot gains supremacy over its creator and
tries to take over  mankind or something like that (conventional style).
And, it's at this stage of the movie, we come to know that the scientist is
the hero and the robot(s) is/are the villain(s)...  So the story after this,
pretty much revolves around how good prevails over evil (the out of
control robot), and obviously which results in the destruction of the robot.

2. the govt or some private company tries to buy/get the technology
from scientist  Rajini, to use the robot for military or some other
destructive purpose, which is totally against the creator's intentions/plans
for his creation. So the scientist and the robot team up against the the
govt/organization in order to save the world/country from it's/their
evil ideas... once they succeed in this task, the scientist decides to
destroy the robot (his own creation), just to ensure that no one else
in the future will misuse or abuse such advanced technology!
(terminator 2 the judgment day style - "one more chip has to be destroyed")

I some how have the feeling that, the robot will die/get destroyed at
the end anyways (irrespective of how the story goes)...

P.S. If this matches with the original plot, it is purely coincidental. 

Friday, July 09, 2010

Octopusology in India!

It is the year 2015.

Ever since the prediction of 'Palanisamy' alias 'Paalpandi' the Indian octopus, came true and India lifted the cricket world cup in 2011, the Indian people's faith in octopuses and their predictions has increased phenomenally. All this began in 2010, when Germany introduced this concept of  "Octopusology". Apparently, these creatures have this extra "7th sense" which even humans don't have.

Fishermen get continuous bulk orders from everyone for bringing back live octopuses from the sea. Octopus purchases contribute up to 5% of the GDP now... prices ranges from Rs. 10,000 to even Rs. 70 Lakhs per octopus.

Girls don't think that 'Pugs' or 'Pomeranians' are cute anymore. now they like only octopuses. Boy friends go octopus-hunting' on the eve of their girl friend's birthdays!!!

The movie "Pirates of the Caribbean' is now banned in India, as it is offensive to the nation's favorite pet/animal and it shows the creature as a villain.

And ever since Tata started their new company, TOL (Tata Octopus Ltd), people have access to branded octopuses.When it comes to diversification, no match for the Tatas!!! And they have even started selling the 'budget octopuses' at just Rs.1000/-, so even a common man can afford.

Even actor Vijay lets his pet octopus predict whether his movies will succeed or fail! and every time the octopus predicts a flop, Mr. Vijay kills it and gets a new one. Till date he has killed more that 50 of them! Right now, atleast 15 'Vijay Vs PETA' cases are pending in the high court...

Astrologers came up with new theories. they linked each tentacle of the octopus to a sun sign and started predicting the future of their clients, based on the movements etc. People are more than happy to pay huge amounts for any load of crap that they are told (as long as there is an octopus involved :-))

Till 2012, octopuses were used only, to predict the election results. In 2012, the govt passed a law, stating that, in order to avoid all election/campaigning expenses, the octopus simply chooses the person to be PM, CM etc. Democracy was redefined.

This is Octo-developed India for you in 2015...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dollars and Pounds, Adyar

This was once a small 300sqft store selling sports jerseys, exclusively. It was then located next to hotel traffic jam (which doesn't exist now), diagonally opposite to ambika appalam depot, and on the narrow sidewalk on Sardar Patel Road. I still remember passing through this store (back in 2001, on the way to my tuition classes), wondering if the store will ever get any business. After a couple of years, once I saw they were tearing down the store. I felt really bad... But I was relieved, when I came to know that they are just relocating and that too within Adyar. they moved to a bigger place, a whole floor, almost 1000-1500 sqft. Now they had diversified into many other products as well. casuals, sports wear, sports posters, sports merchandise etc. They've started to get good business. the Transformation Process was in Progress (from a lame store to a super store). Located right outside the main gate of IIT Madras, the new store now had a very appealing look and it actually attracted a lot of people, mainly youth, that too, guys, from all over the city.

A couple of days back, i went to the store again. and this visit was after a long time. Unbelievable!!!! the store is now 10 times bigger. the amount/range/variety of the stuff they have now is just amazing. the store is now as big as 'pothys' or 'chennai' silks or 'saravana stores' (brammandamai!), but only better....

Trust me, I am not marketing for Dollars and Pounds here! they're not gonna pay me even a penny. just that, as a regular customer, I am thoroughly impressed with the transformation the store has gone through!

Now they have 3 floors with separate sections for everything that you can imagine. Football merchandise, Rock band t shirts, Normal casuals, formal wear, accessories (a lot of them), gifts, showcasing items, Bikers gear, summer wear, winter wear. and all in the trendiest possible designs, and in amazing varieties.

I wouldn't say that they have completely diversified their business. that will only make them less unique. They still have that niche status compared to the other stores in the city.

A special mention to the ambiance of the store: Apart from the 'soft music playing small speakers' and the surveillance cameras installed at every corner of the building, which is a new thing, they have done a lot of other architectural additions, which makes you want to spend a lot of time inside the building. Like the hanging 'Dummy Tank', 'Jet plane'. the cloths arranged neatly on a real 'Jeep' (obviously one without an engine :)), the power bike. and the stairs made of solid steel mesh, below which you can see water running.

The target segment is obviously the youth, of age group 18 to 30. and not more than that. It doesn't matter whether you are a spoilt brat spending your dad's money, or a busy professional who shops on every payday of every month, or a normal person who just likes to shop for the heck of it. there's something for you in this store if you belong to this particular age group! As a normal person who doesn't like to shop that often, I kind of wanted to own each and everything in the store.

Bottom line: If you are a 'chennai'ite, this shop is a must visit.