Saturday, December 09, 2006


-One huge suitcase in my left hand, and an equally huge travel bag hung on my right shoulder, and a heavy jerkin in my right hand! And me, with my glasses on.-
anybody who was present in the Chennai central railway station on 3rd November between 9pm and 11pm wud've witnessed this scene.!.8-)

I(along with 5 othr ppl-my colleagues) was sent to godrej Bombay for tech/product training. My 1st time in Bombay!

Just as I thot, the whether was cold and pleasant! New place, new ppl around,
Now the training also started well! An American gave us some training on a newly launched traded product. Tat happened thru-out the 1st week!

Then the second week onwards actual training started!
i had never thot a 'forklift' will have this many things to learn about! Thanks to Mr. F N Bharucha, our trainer, without whom the whole scenario wud've been dead! He, also helped us to use our free time effectively. Mumbai dharshan was also too good!
Now i know abt each n every inch of the fork-lift truck! We also had some hands-on experience on the FLT (forklift), i.e., driving classes!!!!! Real fun!

Meanwhile we had time to visit places like Matheran(hill-station), gateway of INDIA, elephanta caves, and the famous marine drive of bombay! And we also visited a few MALLs.

Above all these, for the 1st time in 22 yrs, i spent my birthday outside chennai, and away from my home! Thanks to my colleagues. i was given a surprise at the midnight on the eve of my b'day(dec-1).
And the whole training crew, including our trainer, wished me the next day! So, cake no: 2 was also cut. it was a unique experience, never before.

And now it was time to leave bombay, by this time i had made the comparisons between the 2 cities in ma mind!


1. Land is measured in mtrs/ft

2. Buses and auto rickshaws are the
Lifeline of the ppl!
3. rickshaw-walas demand atleast 50 bucks
For 3 kms(say)(they poccess excellent marketing skills).

4. '1 out of 10' will be good looking

5. Spice n salt is added wit everything


1. in millimeters

2. TRAIN is the life line

3. rickshaw-walas go strictly with the
Meter, will not cross 10 bucks.

4. '9 out of 10' will be good looking
(Jai maharashatra!!!!!)

5. Sweet is added wit everything


Now i am back in Chennai!
Will surely say the Bombay trip was a nice experience!

Monday, October 16, 2006

THIS is the day!!!!!8-)

hey everyone!:) guess wat!
i've become an employee now! means its time to say good bye to my anti-fit jeans, denim shirts, sports wear, north-star shoes etc! and now its over to full formals!
i still cant believe this is happening!


tats where am gonna work! a 110 yr old company....... tats a fctr i can boast off at!!!!!!!!!
now i am a part of it!
have been recruited for the material handling division, where they manufacture forklifts and similar industrial products!

V Sasikumar B.E.
Sales Engineer-product specialist
Material Handling Division
Godrej And Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

tat'll be in my visiting card soon!

thou the interview process including medical test got over 3 months ago, i got my call only a week back! anyways, its better late than never!
and i cant wait to attend the training programme at bombay, which's the head office!

"the more power one gets, the more responsible he becomes"
i saw Tobey Maguire say this dialogue in spiderman! i shall take it as a general advice..........

responsibilities as in, at work as well as at home!

still i feel tat everything in my life has happened perfectly(so far)! right move at the right time! i dint move anything thou!
the sagitarian's luck, once again proved!

bottom line is -> am a happy man now!

had enuf fun for the past 21 yrs! now its time to get serious!

good luck to myself..........................!

Friday, June 09, 2006

mission accomplished...!

aftr 4 yrs of hard studyin, bunking, mugging, sighting, bitting, kalaaying, resultku waiting, reval appying, mokkai potting, orkuting etc etcing.........
the mission is accomplished!!!!!!!

now i can proudly say "I AM A B.E."

but on othr hand the wondrfull 4 yrs have come to an end! can never forget this 4 yrs in my life! they say this is the time when we happen to change frm boys/grls to men/women! tat is t
rue! how many experiences! some good, some bad, some funny, some enjoyable, a few embarrasments! but lots of enjoyment!

college life taught us so many things! the things tat we learnt out of the sylabus is more than tat in the sylabus!!!

any junior who comes accross this post, this is for u-- "do not miss the college life fun! its a once in a life timething! never before and never aftr! during our school days we wer children! and aftr college we get more responsiblities etc! so live life at the same time know u're role! this is the essence of college life!"

and now i hope my "life aftr B.E." will be good!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Sound amplification!

Hey every one! try the below link out, its really intrstin to see the sound varyin and gives u the amplifying effects!

this is a must see link! don miss!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The ultimate wedgie!!!!!

last friday, i.e, january 20th was a grt day to me........ rather unforgetfull.

being in the final semester, we have many free hrs every day in college.....
same way we had many free hrs tat day..... I, being the laughingstock of the class, genrally the victim of ridicule and an object of jokes(am proud to be this!), was centered by my frnds, abt 5 or 6 of them...... and 1st one of them sggsted abt tearing my vest(inner baniyan)...... everyone correlated and tat happened........ but tat dint bother me much...... since tat was my 7th or 8th such experience..... after all, wat are frnds for.....

but soon aftr one fellow sggsted abt givin bumps,(merciless kicking of one's butt) to me, tat too dint bother me too much, as tat had happened almost every day of my coll life.....!!! so imagine the scene, 3 ppl lifted me, 1 wit two legs and 2 othrs with an arm each..... this was the time when it all happened. suddenly one B*****d shouted to all..... "machan lets do wedgie....." (machan meaning frnd, in chennai)

one of my frnds, a gud, playful, and(more importantly)stout guy, wit all his might pulled ma under wear out...... thats it, it came with his hands. not completely but one half..... the othr half remained inside...... i underwent a very similar situ as seen in the pic..... thou not tat cruel.....
every thing happened in a jiffy.
once again grt laughter, happiness everywhere......! aftr all, tats more important.
now this is the peek of fun ,boys can have..... of course the victim being an exception..... lol, but in my case it's not tat way...

wat a grt guy he is..... the fella who invented the underwear. bcos tat day i had grt difficulty ridin my bike,bak home........

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Wishlist

They say it's the season of miracles..
I thought why not come out with my own wishlist ..who knows..if God decides to take a peek into my blog..they might actually be granted..
First I thought of that simply awesome holiday package they are offering..
Then I thought about that cute grl asin in the movie gajini..I might ask for a girlfrnd who looks exactly like her..if not better..
Then I thought of a miraculous way when I could pig on tandoori chicken and chocolates and ice creams and other favorites for one whole week without twinging in the guilt of gaining weight..
Or I could simply ask for waking up one morning to find that I am a pro in kung fu...

All these and more...

But that doesn't suffice!! :(

What is THE ONE thing that I would like to have ..that could change my life substantially and of those around me....

I thought..and thought..and thought...

and am still thinking......... for the time being let these wishes 1st get fulfilled.....

Monday, January 09, 2006

'Rapidex course' in madras baashai...

learn tamil in 1 hr...... among the various types of tamil spoken in tamil nadu (varies acc to the slang and slight moderations), the tamil spoken in CHENNAI(madras) is of unique significance..... this is famously known as 'Madras baashai'..... (baashai meaning language)...... now here's some easy tips to practice the unique baashai.....
now go thru the above tutorial and excel in the language.....