Saturday, July 31, 2010

ENDHIRAN (Robot) Movie Plot - My guess

This is purely my imagination of what the plot of the movie would be. I am thinking so much about the movie these days, that i decided to write this...

ENDHIRAN STORY - My guess (this is based on the 1 min film trailer
and the songs which have been released) ----- RAJNIKANTH is a scientist,
a tech savvy, who has developed, with a lot of hard work, a very advanced
human android which has with a very high level of artificial intelligence
and a lot of other skills etc... (Issac Asimov style - something similar to
I-robot or Universal soldier)...

This robot, slowly starts adapting to the society and starts doing all
human activities only better than the humans. includes loving aishwarya
rai...! (Robot with emotions -bicentennial man style).
Santanam, the comedian is probably the Scientist's assistant  - this is
what happens in the 1st half of the movie

Now, from here, the film could go in 2 directions:
 1. Over the time, the Robot gains supremacy over its creator and
tries to take over  mankind or something like that (conventional style).
And, it's at this stage of the movie, we come to know that the scientist is
the hero and the robot(s) is/are the villain(s)...  So the story after this,
pretty much revolves around how good prevails over evil (the out of
control robot), and obviously which results in the destruction of the robot.

2. the govt or some private company tries to buy/get the technology
from scientist  Rajini, to use the robot for military or some other
destructive purpose, which is totally against the creator's intentions/plans
for his creation. So the scientist and the robot team up against the the
govt/organization in order to save the world/country from it's/their
evil ideas... once they succeed in this task, the scientist decides to
destroy the robot (his own creation), just to ensure that no one else
in the future will misuse or abuse such advanced technology!
(terminator 2 the judgment day style - "one more chip has to be destroyed")

I some how have the feeling that, the robot will die/get destroyed at
the end anyways (irrespective of how the story goes)...

P.S. If this matches with the original plot, it is purely coincidental. 


anand said...

excellent!!! good job buddy!!

Anonymous said...

No it is not like that.. Robo will love Aishwarya Rai and try to marry her but Aishwarya treat the robo as her own son. It will end like "Chellama". this is my assumption.

Anonymous said...

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