Thursday, June 09, 2011

My Bucket list!

not too long, before i'm gonna kick the bucket.... here's the list of things which i intend to do before the 'D' day! or maybe the 'A' day (admission into the hospital day) or 'T' day (turning into a vegetable day)!
  • I want to see my own wikipedia page on my own computer (of course, created and maintained by someone else and it should be all active and visited by millions everyday - hope u understand where i'm getting at)
  • At least for once, i want to run on the beach, wearing just shorts, with a super hot chiseled body. I should look like David hasselhoff. (If I do that now, trust me, there wont be anybody in the 5 km radius of that beach)
  • I want to rent a room in the top most floor of Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai, sit in the balcony (facing the sea) and taste the most expensive caviar along with the most expensive wine.
  • I want to drive a speed boat (with tank full of fuel), all by myself, and I should take it deep inside the sea (at least 50 kms inside), without supervision.
  • Something similar to the above wish - I want to ride a horse (not any ordinary lame horse - an Italian stallion) :)... really fast and furious, with me wearing all kinds of Armour wear (troy style). (I hope there are some carnivals in some parts of the world which has such arrangements)
  • I want 'Mutton biriyani' from Dawat, adyar, 'Raan' from copper chimney, 'Tava kalamaari' and 'red snapper fry (shankara) from moon rakers, mahabalipuram, 'chicken wings medium spicy' from eatalica, R A puram, 'death by chocolate' from Tangarine, alwarpet ------ all at once, in the same place, at one go I should have them all! (normally there's at least a week gap between having any 2 of the mentioned)
  • I want to meet johny depp, in person. it will be Captain jack sparrow meeting his biggest fan!
  • I want to win big in the stock market, at least once. and the best part is, my friends, broker and everyone should strongly suggest me to not do a certain thing, but I would go ahead do it anyways and that will probably pay me off really well. nothing will make you feel more happier I say!
  • I want to sit in the cockpit along with the captain of an Airplane! (probably with a couple of stewardess too)
  • I want to see my name in someone else's presentation, made in front of atleast a 100 people. And it should be a proud moment for me. :)
  • I want to go to Texas and take that 72oz steak challenge (refer previous post)
  • Soon after my retirement, on the 1st Monday, I want to get up really early in the morning, and knowing that I don't have to go to work, I should fall flat on the bed with full satisfaction/laziness and no guilt!
  • I want to see snow (yes, I live in Chennai)
  • Name one of my kids Achilles.
Now the 'cliche' items from the list:

  • I want to set foot in all the continents.
  • I want to eat Durian fruit.
  • I want to address a gathering with more than 1000 people.
  • I want to slap an Aussie (seriously)
  • I want to do sky diving.
  • I want to visit Taj Mahal
  • I want to honeymoon in Jamaica
  • I want to see '1000 hits per month' in my blog stats
  • I want to see '1500 hits per month' in my blog stats 
  • I want to see '3000 hits per month' in my blog stats
  • I want 'Indiblog' rank 85
  • I want to drink have 15 drinks and still be conscious
  • Drive a BMW M6 (just drive!)
  • I want to slap a really hot girl and have no regrets about it.
  • Appear on TV
  • I want to go on a minimum 5 day cruise (no land - just water). 
  • I want to swim for atleast 100 m without a life jacket.
  • I want to sit and do a 'Lord of the Rings' Marathon (with no breaks - not even for 10 mins)
  • I want to go Scuba diving
  • I want to go snorkeling
  • I want to buy a really expensive and awesome personal camera
  • I want to visit Amsterdam
  • I want to pat a Lion (and come back home alive)
  • I want to own a house with a indoor swimming pool
  • I want to get my ear pierced (the non gay ear)
  • I want to eat King Crab

I will continuously update this. As and when I complete current items and come across new ones.


ajvasudhar said...

looks like a vijay movie run :P

PRAVEEN said...

well not all can be accomplished.....hopfully u can get through many i guess

Sasikumar said...

yeah. will surely try to!

marudhupandi said...
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Destenah Jan said...

Ayyo...omg....ur awesome bro....believe me

Sasikumar said...

Thanks d'jan.. :-) I totally believe you.. :-P