Friday, June 09, 2006

mission accomplished...!

aftr 4 yrs of hard studyin, bunking, mugging, sighting, bitting, kalaaying, resultku waiting, reval appying, mokkai potting, orkuting etc etcing.........
the mission is accomplished!!!!!!!

now i can proudly say "I AM A B.E."

but on othr hand the wondrfull 4 yrs have come to an end! can never forget this 4 yrs in my life! they say this is the time when we happen to change frm boys/grls to men/women! tat is t
rue! how many experiences! some good, some bad, some funny, some enjoyable, a few embarrasments! but lots of enjoyment!

college life taught us so many things! the things tat we learnt out of the sylabus is more than tat in the sylabus!!!

any junior who comes accross this post, this is for u-- "do not miss the college life fun! its a once in a life timething! never before and never aftr! during our school days we wer children! and aftr college we get more responsiblities etc! so live life at the same time know u're role! this is the essence of college life!"

and now i hope my "life aftr B.E." will be good!!!!!!!!!!


vaish said...

*sigh* u r reminding me of my coll life now...

sas said...

hey! tat is the very idea!
cherish u're memories!

Ronan Jimson said...

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