Monday, October 16, 2006

THIS is the day!!!!!8-)

hey everyone!:) guess wat!
i've become an employee now! means its time to say good bye to my anti-fit jeans, denim shirts, sports wear, north-star shoes etc! and now its over to full formals!
i still cant believe this is happening!


tats where am gonna work! a 110 yr old company....... tats a fctr i can boast off at!!!!!!!!!
now i am a part of it!
have been recruited for the material handling division, where they manufacture forklifts and similar industrial products!

V Sasikumar B.E.
Sales Engineer-product specialist
Material Handling Division
Godrej And Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

tat'll be in my visiting card soon!

thou the interview process including medical test got over 3 months ago, i got my call only a week back! anyways, its better late than never!
and i cant wait to attend the training programme at bombay, which's the head office!

"the more power one gets, the more responsible he becomes"
i saw Tobey Maguire say this dialogue in spiderman! i shall take it as a general advice..........

responsibilities as in, at work as well as at home!

still i feel tat everything in my life has happened perfectly(so far)! right move at the right time! i dint move anything thou!
the sagitarian's luck, once again proved!

bottom line is -> am a happy man now!

had enuf fun for the past 21 yrs! now its time to get serious!

good luck to myself..........................!

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Anonymous said...

mayirula thaan u will become serious....

anyways Congrats da !!!