Saturday, December 09, 2006


-One huge suitcase in my left hand, and an equally huge travel bag hung on my right shoulder, and a heavy jerkin in my right hand! And me, with my glasses on.-
anybody who was present in the Chennai central railway station on 3rd November between 9pm and 11pm wud've witnessed this scene.!.8-)

I(along with 5 othr ppl-my colleagues) was sent to godrej Bombay for tech/product training. My 1st time in Bombay!

Just as I thot, the whether was cold and pleasant! New place, new ppl around,
Now the training also started well! An American gave us some training on a newly launched traded product. Tat happened thru-out the 1st week!

Then the second week onwards actual training started!
i had never thot a 'forklift' will have this many things to learn about! Thanks to Mr. F N Bharucha, our trainer, without whom the whole scenario wud've been dead! He, also helped us to use our free time effectively. Mumbai dharshan was also too good!
Now i know abt each n every inch of the fork-lift truck! We also had some hands-on experience on the FLT (forklift), i.e., driving classes!!!!! Real fun!

Meanwhile we had time to visit places like Matheran(hill-station), gateway of INDIA, elephanta caves, and the famous marine drive of bombay! And we also visited a few MALLs.

Above all these, for the 1st time in 22 yrs, i spent my birthday outside chennai, and away from my home! Thanks to my colleagues. i was given a surprise at the midnight on the eve of my b'day(dec-1).
And the whole training crew, including our trainer, wished me the next day! So, cake no: 2 was also cut. it was a unique experience, never before.

And now it was time to leave bombay, by this time i had made the comparisons between the 2 cities in ma mind!


1. Land is measured in mtrs/ft

2. Buses and auto rickshaws are the
Lifeline of the ppl!
3. rickshaw-walas demand atleast 50 bucks
For 3 kms(say)(they poccess excellent marketing skills).

4. '1 out of 10' will be good looking

5. Spice n salt is added wit everything


1. in millimeters

2. TRAIN is the life line

3. rickshaw-walas go strictly with the
Meter, will not cross 10 bucks.

4. '9 out of 10' will be good looking
(Jai maharashatra!!!!!)

5. Sweet is added wit everything


Now i am back in Chennai!
Will surely say the Bombay trip was a nice experience!

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