Monday, May 24, 2010

Lose weight now - Ask me how.!

I am pretty sure that the people who know me will be 'rolling on the floor and laughing' right now!
yes! this post is coming from a person who's unable to reduce weight after multiple attempts (not really) for the past 4 years.

Who says that you should be super fit with six-pack abs etc to give counselling on weight management (all though it is widely accepted and believed - thanks to the media)! A glutton can be a very good counsellor for weight management/reduction! No one will know the "what not to do" things better than him (he's been doing it perfectly)!!!

The subject here, who henceforth will be referred to as Mr. X (girls read it as Ms. X - they are equal in number), is a kind of a person who watches exercise programmes on TV with a pack of potato chips!

Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins (watch the movie se7en by David Fincher). It's considered as bad as murder, adultery etc. below mentioned are the things Mr. X normally does.
  • has more than 3 square meals a day.
  • the last and final meal of the day(supper) will be the heaviest
  • always asks for extra cheese with his burger/sandwich etc.

  • prefers KFC anytime, over other snacks! (you must notice the expression on Mr. X's face when he's enjoying KFC. He wont enjoy even an Olympic gold medal victory like that). And always choses butter naan/roti over plain naan/roti.
  • likes to lie down after a heavy meal, (even when not feeling sleepy), and be movement-less like a python which has just swallowed a huge buffalo!
  • thinks (only thinks and never does) he should work hard and reduce weight overnight every time he watches 'Rocky 2'
  • takes a oath to himself every year that he will reduce weight and become trim and slim before next new year, and forgets about it exactly after 7 days!
  • has this regular and definite need for an immediate snack (fruit, sweet, chocolate, ice cream, chips or at least a spoonful of jam - not to be confused with dessert), after every meal (no matter how heavy it was)
  • Goes gaga over any food item which is sweet or which has oil in it. Has a roaring passion for anything which is deep fried.
  • thinks that wasting food is a crime as well as a sin. and 'ensures' no food is wasted by anyone in the family.
  • Always prefers the elevator over the stairs, even if he has to go to the 1st/2nd floors!!!
  • in a buffet, ensures that he tastes every single item/dish that is kept (irrespective of the quantity)
  • Believes and lives according the the mantra "life is short, live it" (without knowing that he's making it shorter)
there are several weight loss 'spoilers' in our lives - things we inadvertently do that stop us from losing weight and send us to the brink of frustration. at certain point we give up!!!

Here's what Mr. X does after he decides to lose weight:

  • starving during the daytime and eating heavily at night is the biggest blunder anyone can make! (it seems the metabolism rate during nights is much lower than that during day time.
  • there are rules about eating diet foods too. the right amount etc.
  • when he goes jogging, he jogs for 2 kms and takes a share auto/Bus for coming back.
  • Goes to the gym and either keeps starring at other people or talks a lot and disturbs other people (I belong to the 2nd category)
  • gives up very easily (at one point even thinks that liposuction is the only option)

 We should remember the one golden rule in weight reduction. There is no short-cut. Hard work always pays... and 'only' hard work pays. Never get sucked into all the bogus concepts and waste money on products like 'fat burn', 'tummy trimmer', 'ab crunch' etc. The companies selling these products spend a lot of money on advertising and the hire super hot model in the advertisements.

Ways to reduce weight:- jogging/running/walking, swimming, cycling etc.. regularly. And a strict and disciplined diet is absolutely mandatory.

And never forget... Rome was not built in one day. likewise you can't transform from 'humpty dumty' to 'bruce lee' overnight!


jemco said...

sasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...........jump into d wagon....;)

Harsha said...

ha ha ha.. good one bro.. i seem to be qualifying for all the criteria mentioned..

"you can't transform from 'humpty dumty' to 'bruce lee' overnight!"

that was the punch.. :)

Neha said...

good luck with it! :)

that sleeping after eating a heavy meal is awesome!! :P Neha does that everytime!!!

anyways, i too am on a mission now!!!!!! ^_^

DeeGan said...

Dude... Never expected such serious stuff from you dude.

Sasikumar said...

@ jemco: did u mean 'jump into the bandwagon?'. if yes then, 'ya right!'

@harsha: don worry bro, we all are in the same boat!

@neha: good for u! good luck with tat!

@deegan: blame my potbelly dude. that only made me write this post!

Neha said...

thank you! :)

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