Saturday, May 22, 2010

Southpark in Tamil

Target readers: People who know tamil and who are crazy about southpark (people who dont know what south park is..., dont even think about reading further. it wont make any sense)!

This is how southpark would be if it's dubbed in tamil and played on chutti TV or something!!! (what's wrong with me? how can a non-veg programme like southpark be played on chutti TV? ... never mind)


Eric Kartavarayan
Kartavarayan is one among the 4 friends who live in South Pakkam near Adyar. he's the son of a single mom. He does'nt like people from other areas especially those who are from besant nagar. he rips on besant nagarites all the time! his friends call him 'gundu kathirikka'

favorite quotes: "pongada paradesingala... naan veetukku poren" (screw you guys, am going home)

Kylasam Bragadeeswaran
Kylasam is one among the 4 kids. His family hails from besant nagar, but they now live in South Pakkam. His father is a lawyer in Saidapet court and his mother is a member of many ladies clubs and also the rotary club. he has a baby brother is too matured for his age (pinjuliye paluthavan). He never gets along with karthavarayan.

Stan Marimuthu
Stan marimuthu is an ordinary kid, who loves a girl called Vindya. he is very clever and against all cults. His father is a scientist who works in birla planetarium.

Vikram come from alcott kuppam and his family is very poor. Vikram 'sethu sethu polaipaan'...
Every time vikram dies... kylasam says: ada paavingala... vikrama konnuteengaley da!
 & Stan will say: Pongadaa. t..

... to be continued


Anonymous said...

"Pongada Paradesingal"

"His father is a scientist in Birla Planetorium"

"ada paavingala... vikrama konnuteengaley da!"


Sasikumar said...

i din know u like southpark! great!

Arjun said...

I like the way yiu have penned it down! Nice!

Anonymous said...

Nice... Good Work!

Sasikumar said...

@ arjun: thanks pal!

dEviL said...

And Butters will be called Venna :P :P