Monday, December 28, 2009

50 Things to Eat Before You Die!

This post is for those who live to eat... if u dont have a passion for food/eating, trust me, stop reading...

Recently I saw this video titled "50 Things to Eat Before You Die". It was a 50 minute long programme produced by BBC.
Based on the votes by the public, this English Celebrity Chef, Ainsley Harriott takes a tour around the globe in search of the exotic, the bizarre and the downright tasty food. He samples some of the most unusual dishes on the list of the top 50 things voted, from the most expensive Caviar (eggs of a particular type of Fish, and also which is ridiculously expensive - costs upto 700 british pounds per teaspoon) to the traditional Scottish Haggis, which is considered as poor-man's food!!!

I must mention that Ainsley Harriott has an amaaaazing accent. It's a real treat to your ears. The USA might have a GDP of 14 trillion, China might become the number one super power in 2030, India might have very rich heritage and culture, Australia might have kangaroos and fosters, but when it comes to language, style in speach and accent there's no competition to the British. The English accent is the best. Probably this is why they say, "leave it to the professionals". now getting back...

All these 50 things are not exotic, 5 star hotel recipes. some of them are very simple ordinary things that we know... for example one among them is "the mango" fruit!!! most of the people who took the voting have voted for mango, as they feel that, mango is something you must eat before you die. And this is one of the very few thiing among the 50, that I have tried.

The best thing about this video is, half way through, your mouth starts watering!!! believe me, the first time i saw the video, i was in my hostel room, alone and it was 2am in the morning and that's not all... a few hours from then i was going to give an exam. but still I enjoyed every minute of the entire video. (my god i am crazy)

Here's the name of a few dishes which i could remember.
  • the Scottish Haggis (wondering what it is? - watch the video it's explained in detail)
  • the caviar
  • squid/kalamari
  • the mango fruit
  • the jumbo American burger (this is the last wish of most American prisinors before they die)
  • sushi
  • chocolate
  • the American Donna breakfast
  • Cheese cake

now some people have voted for some bizzare stuff, like raindeer meat (no... Rudolph!), guinea pigs, a strange african fruit which smells really bad, Aligator (not joking), kangaroo (apparently Australia is the only place where people eat their own national emblem, it seems - for GK) etc. These thing, I am really not looking forward to eat before I die.

A few more dishes that I remember:

  • Mussels (seems it's best to have it with chips and ice cold beer)

  • pasta

  • Pizza

  • Pancakes

  • oysters (seems oysters turn you on so much - need to study more on oysters!)

  • Barbeque (in general)

  • octopuss

yeah baby... an Indian dish in the list! many people voted for the 'chicken tikka masala', which sits at the 10th spot among the top 50!

A few more...

  • ice cream

  • chicken tikka masala

  • lobsters

  • roast ribbs

  • Italian sandwich (may remind you of Joey Tribiyani)

  • coolish pasty

  • the durian fruit

And at the number one spot, the numero uno, was the fresh fried/grilled fish with chips! seems this is the dish which is most wanted/voted as a thing to eat before you die...

Try to watch this video... if you do, trust me, you'll say to yourself "time well spent", because that exactly what I did! I could not upload the entire 345MB video here (I would if I could), but i did find out bits and pieces of the same video for you on youtube... enjoy watching!!!

P.S. you may also get the video directly from me (If you think I am marketing this video, well I dont know what to say... think again! because you read the full post, that means you have a real passion for food. If you dont have a passion for food, then your a loser, because I gave you a disclaimer at begining of the post)


Dan* said...

reading to all this iam really feeling hungry now :D

i luv the channel BBC Food then my cable operator started taking bribes from other pakistani food channel and banned BBC Food

Anurodh Gupta said...

hey this is early morning 5:30 and this post of yours has provoked me to go out and eat something :( (but in hostel)

Your post was nice man... but why only 50?

Sasikumar said...

happy to see that, people feel the same way i felt when i watched that video!

Destenah Jan said...

Believe me....this is the first blog that i keep reading page by page....Ur awesome bro...keep up the great work

Sasikumar said...

Omg d' jan.. Little too much buildup you're giving.. :-) but thanks anyways... :-)