Monday, December 14, 2009

The striking similarity...

A lot of you might share my opinion on this issue.It's the striking similarity in looks between the canadian actress Cobie Smulders & and our very own Katrina Kaif.

This is Cobie

This is Katrina

before going into detail about who looks better etc, we should accept the fact that anyone who does'nt know cobie and knows katrina and watches cobie on TV or something for the 1st time, would definatly think she's katrina... and vice versa! hey wat's katrina doing in an american tv series?  or, hey wat's cobie doing in this hindi film, dancing around with this shirtless/topless guy?

Both of them are picture perfect! extremely beautiful, incredibly hot. no doubt about that.

The first time i saw cobie was in the TV series "how I met your mother". I started watchin this series, as people suggested it to me and they said it's funny n things like that. It's a good series no doubt. but trust me from the 3rd or 4th episode i kept watching the series, episode after episode, season after season, just for one reason... and you know what it is.

And talking about Katrina kaif, saw her 1st as a kingfisher calender model, then in the movie "boom" and then so many other movies and now she is asia's sexiest woman (she became that maybe because of her 'powerful' boy friend and his influence but who cares) and etc etc etc...

both these acctresses look so similar that we can say that cobie is the hi-fi, sophisticated, 'imported' version of Katrina and/or katrina is the desi version of Cobie.

but upon closer observation one would definatly pick cobie over katrina...

no matter what the similarities are... and no matter what the differences are... both of them rule! I think it's worth dying for any one of them...

and I think all the guys would have the same opinion!!!

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