Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My favourite actor

for a very long time, i've been telling everyone that the following 2 actors (obviously apart from rajnikanth who cannot be compared with anyone else) are my favourites:

1)Al Pacino
2)Robert De niro

but i think its high time now to chose one among the two to be my number 1 favourite. the other one can always take the 2nd spot... :)



Now lets see a few facts about the two nominees and why they deserve to be my favourite (all time) actor :-)

Al pacino - 8 times nominated for academy award - won once for 'scent of a woman'

Robert deniro - 6 nominations - won twice for 'godfather part2' and 'raging bull'

so what if they got nominated and won a few oscars? many people have done that...


lets list out a few fine works by these men (maybe 3 each):

  • Alpacino in 'scent of a woman' - amazing performance - retired army man, blind through out the movie, super attitude, "get me 2 john daniels on the rocks" .
  • Deniro in 'raging bull' - boxer (Jake Lamotta) - sadomasochistic rage, sexual jelousy, best anti-hero movie ever. a martin scorsese(god of all directors) movie, but without deniro it would have been too dark!          

  • Alpacino in & as Godfather 1,2,3. - Michael Corleone - following foot steps of vito corleone, michael was simply amazing especially godfather 2 was out of the world. killer performance. he's the best...

  • Deniro in 'the taxi driver' - a young taxi driver who turns out to help a young girls out of a problem - amazing story - again a scorsese film, but deniro stole the show. his calm and composed attitude in this film was simply superb. any besides who can forget the legendary "you're talking to me...?"
  • Alpacino's best (my opinion) - Scarface - have you played GTA vice city? if you have, then you'll love this movie and vice versa. even otherwise this movie is totally lovable. 100% amazing. story about a cuban refugee (al pacino as tony montana - tommy vercity in GTA) coming to america and becoming a huge drug dealer/don. Al pacino at his best. he redefined the word 'cool' in this movie. any al pacino fan will have this movie in his top 3. this movie is a must watch.
          "Say hello to my little friend..."
  • Robert Deniro - as Al capone in 'the untouchables' - he comes as this italian-american gangster - he makes you think that he's the don of all dons. godfather can eat his socks!!! Al capone's the best. though he's not the lead role in this film, he steals the show. my favourite among all roles played by him.say sanjay dutt copied his style from him in this movie.

having seen all this, now I am in a sivere dialemma to chose one among the two... ok lets see the other parameter.

looks - deniro is definitely more charming than alpacino. evident from movies taxi driver, godfather part 2 where he plays young vito corleone etc.

acting performance - Al pacino definitely has an edge over deniro in this (I feel)

Comedy quotient - Alpacino tried during his later age movies. but Deniro scored with his performance in 'meet the parents' etc...

ok now overall rating (by me) to both these legends will be:

  • Al pacino - 9/10
  • Robert Deniro - 9.5/10
therefore ladies and gentlemen "my favourite" actor award goes to the raging bull, Mr. Robert Deniro

From now on... he'll be my favourite actor.
dear Mr Al Pacino: pls dont worry. you'll be in the 2nd spot.

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